We love sharing our unique travel experiences on social media – and hashtags help create a sense of community for people sharing similar interests. To inspire more travel to Kansas, we wanted a memorable hashtag people would like to adopt. Building on Kansas Tourism’s unique tagline, that there’s “No Place Like Kansas,” we created the #NoPlaceLikeKansas hashtag.

So how to share the love for #NoPlaceLikeKansas? Instameets! jhP worked with KDWPT to host a series of five Instameets where Instagram users would meet at fascinating Kansas locations to take photos, connect with fellow explorers and share their experiences on social media. To boost the fun and participation, well-known influencers were scheduled to offer social media photo tips – like internationally renowned National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson.

#NoPlaceLikeKansas was proudly displayed on digital ads and social posts promoting each event, on the TravelKS.com Instameet landing page, on event itineraries and posters, and on staff T-shirts.

The first Instameet made usage of #NoPlaceLikeKansas jump from 0 to 3,000. And each following Instameet averaged annother 46% increase! What’s more, we were able to easily review the wealth of user-generated photos and get permission for further sharing. That’s a win/win for social media fans and influencers of all kinds – and a resonating voice to inspire travel in Kansas!

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