For years, we’ve been hearing about the benefits of electric vehicles. But old, gas-fueled habits die hard! So Westar Energy developed an electric vehicle (EV) training program, GO EV, for auto dealers to educate drivers about EVs. Smart information would reduce buyer anxiety and make the EV purchase decision easier.

To launch the program, Westar gathered facts that highlight the benefits and address the supposed negatives about owning EVs. To clearly communicate these facts with auto dealers, GO EV needed support material ­– steeped in the Westar brand – with powerful graphics that translate well online and can anchor collateral materials and PowerPoint presentations.

The designs featured short, benefit-rich subheads, airy copy treatments and eco-inspired tones of blue, green and gold. The result was a program that helped auto dealers move buyers into more energy efficient cars while positioning Westar as a leader in green energy.

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