To inspire healthier living you must spread the good word. This campaign promotes and celebrates the progress of Blue Health Initiatives as the program provides tools and encouragement to improve the overall health of Kansas communities.

Impact Reports, Success Stories, flyers and pocket folders offer hand-held facts and inspiration to be shared locally and throughout Kansas. Blue Health Initiatives printed materials tell the story of progress as it’s being made – encouraging healthy lifestyles in Kansas communities. Sunny shades of yellow, blue, green and orange form the color pallette. Energetic photos highlight people eating healthy foods, engaging in fun activities and working together on community-enhancing projects.

The Pathways to a Healthy Kansas video series records and shares the progress of 16 coalitions across Kansas as they work in their communities to make the healthy choice the easy choice. The videos feature local coalition leaders sharing pride in their programs, plans and successes. We see local people enjoying healthy activities and projects, interspersed with familiar landmarks. Animation segments complete the messages with easy-to-understand graphics and icons in branded colors. These videos boost enthusiasm locally and offer healthy strategies statewide when shared through social media – all in the interest of improving community-wide and statewide health and well-being.

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