jhP Beer-ology

Our jhP beer enthusiasts enjoy a good beer in great company every Friday at this fun thing called Beer-30. And guess what? You’re invited to join us next Friday via Facebook Live! Crack open your favorite craft brew and tune in at 4:30 p.m. to win two tickets for the fourth-annual “TAP THAT Topeka” Capital Brew Festival on June 25.

Kansas craft beer lovers, “TAP THAT Topeka” is for you. There will be 140 craft beers at the fest and lucky for you, it is only two weeks away.

Back to Beer-30. What is it and why do we do it? 

At jhP, our members thrive because we work and play well together, as noted in the Topeka Kansas Business magazine. Good work takes time and jhP is like the brew-master of ad agencies. We measure, test and create products our clients will enjoy.

This speaks to jhP’s culture of collaboration. It starts with work and ends with Beer-30 — an end-of-week work social. Each Friday, we stop what we’re doing at 4:30 p.m. spurred by Linda Bull’s announcement, “It’s official, kids!”

Beer-30 has been a jhP tradition since the firm opened 28 years ago.

“The first week I was part of the team, I was sent to the liquor store with a company card and asked to get beer for the [then] five of us,” Linda said. “It’s intended to give team members an opportunity to get to know each other better.”

She added: “It is a time to unwind, celebrate our accomplishments during the week and shake off the challenges we faced.”

So, we all congregate in the kitchen, have a drink, play foosball and just be. We catch up on life, chat and relax after a long workweek. We celebrate our individuality and reintroduce ourselves as people — setting aside the work hats. jhP’s “unique” is as unique as each of our jhP members.

Our troupe knows that our diversity gives jhP the power of partnership. During the workweek, we exchange ideas, press through difficult, but fun, challenges together to create well-refined work people will crave. We’re here to care for our clients and craft refined products in unique batches.

Think of it this way: jhP is a microbrewery that produces unique brews based on the situation, climate and tastes. What we do is as diverse as our team: From print ads to TV, radio, print and digital products, all of it is created to drive our clients’ businesses and keep them ahead. Our work is as distinctive as a batch of stouts, porters, IPAs, lagers, Belgian-style ale, wheat beer — you name it. We have a brew that is right for you.

Work culture = family culture. Beer-30 brings us all together. And that’s what “TAP THAT Topeka” craft beer fest is about, too. It brings people from different parts of Kansas together to raise a glass and geek out.

So, remember to pencil us in. jhP’s Facebook Live contest. June 17 at 4:30 p.m. on Facebook.com/jhpadv.