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For many marketers, the initial foray into Google Analytics was having the IT department tag the company’s website with it. But if you stopped at this first step, you’re missing out on a huge amount of actionable data. Your IT department can tell you things like your page views per month, the most popular pages, the most common searches and the percentage of web traffic from mobile devices. But you’re probably still using only the basics of this amazing marketing tool.

If you want to use Google Analytics to help shape your strategy, you need to know what’s possible. So here’s a quick primer. Google Analytics can help you …

  • Segment your data to learn: Who is really driving your sales?

    When sales slow down, you need to find the quickest way back to profitability. Google Analytics can segment your web traffic to determine which of your marketing channels drive the most traffic and which users are becoming buyers. And once you know who is driving most of your sales, you can tailor your advertising to target them.

  • Track your web events to learn: What is really happening on your site?

    Google Analytics tracks both page views and – even more useful – user activity within each page. This tracked user activity – called “events” – info is super-useful. Why? Because it allows you to identify where you lose customers when they don’t complete a purchase. Pinpointing where customers disengage makes it easier to analyze the problem and design a solution.

  • Track your campaigns to learn: Which of your ads worked?

    It’s critical that your ads are tagged correctly and that your site’s Google Analytics are configured correctly. If the Google Analytics code is amiss on even one page, the ad responsible for that sale may not get the credit it deserves. And don’t you want to know exactly which of your messages make the difference?

Google Analytics allows us to help you make sense of the data that already exists within your website. So you can strategically engage customers, target your messaging and base key business decisions on more than just a hunch.

 jhBraggin’: Our brainy jhPeeps Alissa Menke and Jason Divis both hold the Google Analytics Certification – a rare accomplishment. We think they’re pretty fancy.