Challenge Accepted


During the month of October, jhP accepted the Inktober challenge.

Inktober is a global project that unites artists and creatives in one respected community, with only four rules, as outlined by illustrator and challenge initiator Jake Parker:

  • Make a drawing in ink.
  • Post it online.
  • Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017.
  • Repeat every day of October.

Here’s Why We Did It

The project was an exploration of who we are and our ability to surpass our own expectations. After all, this is the 30th anniversary of the jhP brand. Reimagining our logo pushed us exhilaratingly close to the creative brink. It challenged our own standards of brand consistency and logo integrity. We had the chance to strike the balance of honoring our brand and exploring our limits.

Just ask Eric Pedersen, jhP graphic designer and illustrator:

“We pushed ourselves to have a different concept or vision of the logo,” Pedersen said. “And that made it more difficult because Inktober’s already a challenge – rather than just doing any ink-inspired series, we came up with a completely new idea each day.”

Here’s What We Learned

Get a fresh perspective.

Jennifer Anderson, jhP account manager, was the lead strategist on the project. “We intentionally chose to reimagine our logo because we wanted to repeatedly position it in front of people – but more importantly – we wanted to push ourselves to see our logo in new ways,” she said.

By taking second and third looks, we saw the meaning of our established, recognizable logo expand.

In its simplest form, the logo is an acronym. The lowercase “j” and “h” recognize two leaders in our firm: Gary Jones and Jake Huyett. The “P” is capitalized because Partnership is the driving force of philosophy. And that “P” accentuates the importance of every individual in our firm – all key Partners in our success.

Through this project we discovered that the logo could retain this symbolism, and incorporate additional layers of meaning. We planted the logo into the soil, to represent nurturing new ideas. We sketched a jhP into the center of sunflower, in recognition of our Kansas roots. We even carved the logo into a pumpkin in celebration of Halloween!

Through this project we re-discovered the beauty of our symbol, and at the same time, re-committed ourselves to not take ourselves too seriously.

Celebrate the people behind the brand.

Pedersen served as the creative director on the project. While he was committed to inspiring others on the team to participate in Inktober it was ultimately Pedersen who ensured jhP had a fresh, original ink drawing ready to go on a daily basis.

“Most of the work we do, no one sees it until it’s printed,” Pedersen said. “It’s always really clean and polished, making it easy to forget that there is someone actually designing and creating these pieces. This project brings a more human flavor to what we do – there is actually a person behind it.”

A skilled illustrator, Pedersen was excited to use more traditional tools of his trade. “I played with a lot of tools that I don’t normally use at work: a brush, ink well, speedball calligraphy tips and ink washes,” Pedersen said. “It was a fun break from computer work and pencil illustrations I usually put into the computer.”

Pedersen has been drawing since he can remember. “In the first grade they had a career day,” Pedersen recalled. “I remember being mad because there were no artists that came to class. From first grade on, I knew I wanted to create art for a living.”


Checkout all 31 ink drawings on Instagram – follow us at @joneshuyettpartners.

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