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generating leads; surpassing the objective


Newcomer Funeral Service Group needed to develop a list of sales prospects for their cemetery business, so their sales team could reach out to ‘warmer’ leads. This list would provide the Newcomer sales team a database to market.

Lead generation has long been the most significant, and expensive marketing challenge for the death care industry.


Generate at least 77 leads (including name, email address and phone number, if possible) to match or improve upon a previous lead generation effort.

target audience

People 55 years or older living in the Topeka metro area.


Research shows that when a loved one passes away, we select the funeral services that first come to mind, because we are under stress and don’t shop around. By selling preplanned services to consumers, death care providers are guaranteed to be the provider at time of need. Preplanned sales are the foundation of the industry.

Preplanning lead generation by survey response is not new. But it has typically been conducted by mailed surveys at a per-lead cost average of $150 each.

jhP created an online survey, asking Topekans to describe their cemetery needs and preferences. Survey completion was incentivized with the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The survey and gift card sweepstakes was promoted through Facebook ads, Google Display Network (GDN) ads, Twitter ads and email.


Within one month of launching the campaign, jhP generated 101 leads. This was 24 leads above the stated campaign objective – and the cost per lead was only $9.53. This was an efficient, successful campaign. Newcomer Funeral Service Group now has access to 101 new contacts that will receive regular communication outside of the stressful decision-making period of selecting funeral services.