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improving ROI year-over-year with Arrivalist


In the partnership between KDWPT and jhP, making data-driven decisions has always been a priority. Retaining funding – and the support of Kansas legislators and stakeholders – is paramount to KDWPT’s ability to continue to promote tourism in the state. However, when jhP began working with KDWPT in 2013, it was nearly impossible to determine which Kansas visitors came here as the result of KDWPT marketing efforts. Not having measurable data on which to base decisions was a weakness in the marketing plan.


jhP saw the need to quantify the effectiveness of KDWPT’s digital promotions, and their corresponding channels. By determining the method to collect reliable, measurable data, jhP would then be able to optimize campaign strategies and digital placements over time.

target audience

Ultimately, the primary audience for promoting the effectiveness of KDWPT’s marketing efforts is the Kansas legislature. Kansas’ elected officials need to know and understand that the agency is serving as a good steward of Kansas’ tax dollars and that these efforts are positively impacting the state’s economy. Secondarily, obtaining stronger ROI data is also beneficial to industry stakeholders throughout Kansas. These stakeholders rely upon KDWPT to increase the reach of their funding and related efforts. Their positive perception of KDWPT’s efforts leads to increased engagement and collaboration.


jhP researched and implemented a solution to this problem using an innovative and relatively new location-based data company, Arrivalist. By anonymously collecting the location changes of individuals after they have been exposed to a Kansas website, advertisement or other digital footprint, Arrivalist allows us to drop a pixel onto the individual’s mobile device. When that device comes to Kansas, we trace it back to the specific campaign or digital content they experienced. It’s a measurable, strategic way to track the impact of KDWPT’s marketing efforts. Arrivalist helps us identify the targeted persona, the impact of the creative execution, and the resonance of the media channel selected to reach the audience. Additionally, we’re able to learn the visitor’s point of origin and number of days to arrival.


Implementation of Arrivalist has increased jhP’s accountability in this partnership, and from our perspective, appears to have changed the way KDWPT reviews the impact of their marketing efforts. Today we review Arrivalist data on a quarterly basis and utilize the data to draw conclusions and optimize our efforts. Budget changes, media placement, target regions and creative decisions are all based in data analytics. Together, we are always driving for the highest ROI. Year over year, we have seen improvement on the number of Arrivals coming to Kansas and the overall ROI of the digital media dollars invested.