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leveraging the power of peer influence to raise brand visibility


CoreFirst Bank & Trust has a long and proud history of giving to the community – it’s a key aspect of their brand identity. In 2018, jhP was tasked to collaborate with CoreFirst’s marketing team in developing a brand specific, non-product campaign that would tell the story of CoreFirst’s enduring generosity while raising their visibility in a competitive banking market.


Develop a multi-channel campaign with the potential to go viral online and increase CoreFirst’s social media engagement.

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To develop the strategy, jhP consulted research demonstrating that today consumers rely more heavily on peer influence when making a decision than they do traditional advertising. As a result, the jhP team worked with CoreFirst focusing on the development of a multi-channel, audience-driven campaign that evoked emotions and engagement in customers, noncustomers and CoreFirst staff. The audience was asked to vote daily for their favorite local non-profit organization, using the Facebook comments section under campaign videos. The hashtag #BtheDifference was developed to connect print ads and television spots with the online experience.
To support the strategy, CoreFirst generously offered to give away $10,000 to the local non-profit organization who received the greatest number of votes. Employees sported t-shirts with the #BtheDifference hashtag and the CoreFirst network was asked to share the campaign on their personal Facebook pages.


Within the first 24 hours of the campaign, the videos were viewed more than 2,800 times on CoreFirst’s Facebook page. In that time, 330 votes were received and non-CoreFirst employees were already engaging in the conversation. In 31 days, the company’s Facebook Page saw an increase in Facebook “likes” by 127%. Minutes of video viewed on their Facebook Page grew from 568 minutes to 4,119 minutes. Their post shares improved by more than 3,000% and their post reactions increased by more than 8,000%.