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"Healthy Trails Adventure Day"

promoting Kansas State Park trails in partnership with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT)


Encouraging Kansans to get outdoors, have fun and be healthy is important to BCBSKS. They wanted to create a signature state-wide event to promote use of trails to improve health and wellness. The 26 Kansas State Parks offer a wide variety of enjoyable trails – for hiking, biking, horse riding and kayaking – from family friendly to challenging. BCBSKS, in partnership with KDWPT, wanted to promote a day of Healthy Trails Adventure with free admission to any Kansas State Park. To encourage Kansans to make outdoor exercise a healthy habit, the campaign would need to:

  • Promote the health benefits of regular outdoor activity.
  • Excite interest in exercise using the many great trails at Kansas State Parks.
  • Promote the day of Free Admission to the Parks.
  • Encourage Kansans to learn about their State Parks and to visit them often.
  • Kansas State Parks feature a total of 88 trails covering more than 400 miles.
  • There are trails for hiking, biking, horse riding and kayaking – featuring a wide variety of scenic vistas, plants and animals, history and family fun.
  • To control weight and fight disease, children and teens need 60 minutes of moderate to vigororous physical activity every day.
  • An hour of exercise can add up to two hours to life expectancy.
  • Families that exercise together stay healthier together – in body, mind and spirit.


  • Designate Saturday, Oct. 1 as “Healthy Trails Adventure Day” with free Park admission.
  • Create a “Healthy Trails Adventure Guide” coloring/activities book, with crayons, for kids.
  • Encourage individual parks to prepare and promote special trail-based activities.
  • Achieve broad promotional reach through use of traditional TV, radio and print.
  • Micro-target through online banner ads and video for outdoor activity enthusiasts.
  • Publish blogs that promote family hiking and biking at Kansas State Parks.
  • Drive people to for details and links to KDWPT and Park sites.
  • Give State Parks materials and ideas to promote the Day on their Facebook sites.


  • Kick-off press conferences held in Topeka and Wichita received notable coverage.
  • Three-week statewide TV reached 82.5% of adults 25-64 an average of 4.1 times each.
  • Statewide radio added a frequency of 5.1, and color newspaper ads ran three times each in 11 major Kansas daily papers.
  • 75,000 custom-designed “Healthy Trails Adventure Guide” coloring/activities books were printed, distributed to the Parks and handed out at the Kansas State Fair.
  • Online banner and video ads drove 5,729 clicks to with a click-through rate of 0.14%, beating the industry average of 0.09%.
  • Banner-driven sessions averaged 3:20 and video-driven sessions averaged 6:01.
  • Large vinyl banners promoting the Day were posted at park entrances.
  • Nearly every park featured at least one planned event such as guided hikes or scavenger hunts and pre-promoted them locally and on Facebook.


  • Kansas State Parks reported attendance increases of 10% to 30% compared to usual expectations, with responses like, “We had tremendous activity for this time of year.”
  • Several parks reported camping numbers were above normal, with some campers saying they camped Friday night to enjoy Saturday’s planned activities.
  • BCBSKS received favorable feedback from attendees, customers and community leaders thanking them for sponsoring “Healthy Trails Adventure Day.”
  • KDWPT considered their partnership with BCBSKS a valuable success.