the groundwork

our attitude

We were born a start-up agency – sketched on a napkin, grounded in partnership and trust. Since 1987, ours is an evolving firm, growing through our shared vision of building a force of creativity, strategy and collaboration. More than thirty years later, the power of partnership™ is infused in everything we do. And fueled by that start-up attitude. Never satisfied. Always hungry for what’s next.

our services

We are a performance-driven creative marketing firm that focuses on delivering results that matter most – your KPIs. Whether that’s generating leads, increasing revenue or simply building awareness, we’ll deliver the right messaging strategy through channels that move your audience to respond.

collaborative culture

At jhP, we live by the word “collaboration.” It’s no buzzword. It’s the tangible result of a culture founded on partnership: fostered among our team, with our clients, and with our vendor partners. We know the best campaigns grow when everyone comes together, contributing the best of what they do.

Our team is large enough to include highly skilled specialist, but small enough to give you the high-octane, personal attention that bigger agencies simply can’t.


We’re jhPeeps. We’re partners. We’re all engaged in shaping the jhP story – past, present and future. From weekly lunch’n’learns to beer-30 Fridays, we invest our time in “team” and truly enjoy our work family. Camaraderie keeps it fun while we challenge each other to grow and “be” our best work.

Let us show you what we can do.

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Let us show you what we can do.

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