For nearly 33 years, jhP has been pleased and proud to consistently be a leader in our ever-evolving industry.

Our core philosophy – the power of partnership – means we’ve had the pleasure to form successful bonds with some of the finest clients in Kansas. Some of those client partnerships lasted from day one until now. We enjoyed others for 15, 20 years or more – amazingly long relationships in our field.

But times do change. The full-service agency model that made jhP the area’s pre-eminent marketing firm for so many years has given way to increased specialization and business fragmentation.

While we have worked diligently to evolve our organization and capabilities, we realize that now is the time for something entirely new. jhP, as you’ve known it for so long, will be exiting the field soon.

Some of us look forward to retirement. Others to the next chapters of their careers. And some plan to continue serving current clients in their own ways, under their own name.

jhP’s goal is to complete our current commitments to our partners and the communities we serve – and to wind down our operations in a thoughtful way.

Stay tuned. There will be exciting announcements about the future of digital marketing in Kansas some time this spring.

To all of jhP’s partners, past and present: Thank you. It has been a great ride!

Now, on to what’s next …