Wild Applause and Champagne, Too: TJ’s Now a Shareholder!

Wild Applause and Champagne, Too: TJ’s Now a Shareholder!


The Power of Partnership. At jones huyett Partners, this isn’t just a tagline. It’s who we are. For our clients, it’s the difference between hiring a vendor and having a partner who directly supports their strategy, brand and future. That’s probably why, in a world where client-agency relationships average less than three years, we still have our very first client from 27 years ago.

For our team members, jhP’s Power of Partnership is the difference between just having a job and thriving in a culture of collaboration and creativity. That’s why our team members stick around, too. jhP can boast unusual longevity, with many team members who have been here to help us build to where we are today. Partnership is our foundation.

A cornerstone of our Partnership is our shareholders – the team members who help lead jhP’s future for the next generation. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce jhP’s newest shareholder – Teresa Jenkins. Teresa joined us as an account executive three years ago, and she quickly showed her potential. She hit the ground running, absorbing everything she could about jhP, her co-workers and her client partners. Since then, we’ve watched Teresa come into her own.

Teresa has invested much of her time managing accounts for our clients at Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and Market Hutchinson. They appreciate Teresa’s strategic thinking, with her focus on the big picture. Teresa keeps all of us focused by asking, “How does this support the plan? Can this help us accomplish our goal?” She geeks out over spreadsheets and to-do lists, and when she senses a need is not being filled, she’s there to help. We love her flexibility and her willingness to mentor and support others. No wonder Teresa’s “P-word” (in jhP lingo) is pliable.

When Teresa’s not working alongside what she calls her “jhPeeps,” she’s a wife, a Boy Scout mom, a church and PTO volunteer, outdoors lover and travel planner of family road trips around Kansas. She’s already busy planning the next leg of her jhP journey. We can’t wait to see where that takes her – and us – as she helps guide jhP into the next 27 years of successful Partnerships.