Partnerology: It’s jhP tourney time, baby!

Partnerology: It’s jhP tourney time, baby!


It’s March again, and anyone who is halfway paying attention knows what that means – something about madness this month? People seem to really be into basketball around here. (It’s Kansas. Go figure.)

In the spirit of the season, jhP is launching our own tournament of a slightly different variety – it’s the jhP Partnerology Tournament! It honors great partnerships ­– the very thing we try to create every day with each other and with our clients. (Plus, it’s fun.)

A partnership is people joining forces to do more than they could alone. But what makes a partnership great? So many things: Shared vision. Mutual trust and respect. Yin meeting yang. Plus the magical spark that occurs when talents, visions and energy blend into something a bit more. That spark that ignites between partners ­– that’s what we’re after. That’s the P in jhP. And that’s what we’re celebrating.

So, every day these next two weeks on jhP’s Facebook account, we’re putting great partners head-to-head and inviting our clients, friends and YOU to vote. The key question: Which duo did partnership better? Vote for who you think made magic the best!