Magic, Cheer & jhP

Before Christmas merchandise even hits the aisles at the store, those of us in marketing are busy making plans to create the best holiday card EVER. While this is an annual challenge that jhP takes very seriously, we’re not alone. The American Advertising Federation of Topeka explained it well in a recent blog post titled Holiday Cards + Your Brand – One Very Special Package. Read the post here.

So, as you can see, planning for the holiday ballyhoo is a huge deal and usually begins as early as September. This year the golden ticket idea was a throwback to old-school animation – a single cell, drawn-by-hand animation.

Making the Magic

At jhP we’re always looking for fun and interesting ways to apply our skills to creative projects. When this idea was presented as a possibility we jumped on it, knowing it was going to take a lot of hours – and every member of the team – to complete. We’re proud to share that this project was produced and hand colored entirely by jhPeeps.

View Share the Magic video here.

Sharing the Magic

Along with the unique animated holiday message, we designed a holiday card that was equally distinct and special. We wanted the card to be able to stand alone, regardless if the recipient viewed the animated video. A traditional card was illustrated to match the look of the video and included one of the drawings used in its creation. Each unique drawing was numbered and signed by the team member that colored the illustration.

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This project is a reflection of who we are at jhP – a collaborative, creative bunch dedicated top-quality work. We couldn’t do what we do without your partnership, so thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all of us at jhP!