jhRetirement: Things we’ll miss about Leslie Palace

jhRetirement: Things we’ll miss about Leslie Palace

A jhP Retirement – We Love You Leslie

Today is the end of an era, folks. After 11 years at jhP, it’s Leslie Palace’s last day before she retires to garden, travel and send us postcards that make us a smidge (or more) jealous of her über-lucky travel companion. And so today, we hereby officially bestow the lovely Miss Leslie with jhPeep Emeritus Status, with all the rights and privileges that entails. Namely, appearances at future Beer:30s and other jhParties.

What will the jhPeeps miss about Leslie? So many things, including:

  • “Her smile and joy for life.”
  • “Her morning greeting when I come in each day (her office is next to the front door).”
  • “Her no-nonsense approach to everything.”
  • “My walking buddy! We figure out so much on our lunchtime walks – about kids, work and other challenges. Not to mention our critiques of Westboro-area home decor. (Especially if you’ve still got Christmas decor up, people. It’s almost May!)”
  • “Her grace, leadership and ever-present smile. Working with Leslie, no matter the marketing challenge, has always been a joy.”
  • “Her positive representation of jhP in the Topeka community.”
  • “Her selfless dedication to keeping our kitchen clean … all completely done before any of the rest of us even arrived each morning.”
  • “Our cheery morning conversations to start my days … and her fresh-brewed coffee.”
  • “The weird things she does to her computer.” (said our mistress of technology) “And when a new iPhone update comes out!”

Happy travels, Leslie! Please come back to visit soon!

With love and much affection,
Your jhPeeps

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  1. Kathleen Funk-Linton

    So I’m thinking plans to come back to Hawaii are in your future……..Seas the day. Best wishes & aloha nui!