case study | Genstler Eye Center – Rebrand

Helping patients see their hometown surgeon in a better light boosts business by a third

Client challenge

The doctors at Genstler Eye Center Surgical Solutions had a recognition problem. Overlooking Genstler’s excellent local care, referring physicians in Topeka and Manhattan were sending many area patients to Kansas City for LASIK and other surgical procedures. Patients were driving an hour or more for services – which was unnecessary and inconvenient for follow-up care. Genstler needed to grab the community’s attention and become the top choice for surgical eye care.

Campaign goals

  • Reposition Genstler Eye Center as the preferred provider for outstanding surgical vision solutions in northeast Kansas.
  • Create strong, consistent visual and message branding that incorporates Genstler’s services and unique strengths, with an emphasis on LASIK.
  • Increase surgical market share.

What we did

  • Research: Analyzed the market, competitors, industry best practices and the client’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Strategy: Positioned the doctors prominently to emphasize the unusually high level of personal care they provide to patients. Incorporated testimonials from happy patients to deliver key messages.
  • Framing: Genstler Eye Center is an excellent, more convenient option for LASIK and other surgical procedures.
  • Execution: Rebranded Genstler with a polished, contemporary look using cool, soothing colors – new logo, new website, TV and radio ads, targeted print advertising and digital marketing.

Campaign results

  • New prominence for the Genstler Eye Center Surgical Solutions.
  • 5% increase in LASIK procedures.
  • 32% more patients.
  • Hired four new physicians and three technicians to accommodate growth.
  • Built a new, state-of-the-art facility in Manhattan with more patient rooms to accommodate growth.
  • The partnership that we have with jhP is very powerful. The powerful part is that they have developed a chemistry with our practice that exemplified what it means to have a true collaborative partnership! 

    - Shawn Menke, Genstler Eye Center