case study | Security Benefit – SecurePoint Campaign

Macho mail messaging: Six weeks to pumped up sales

Client Challenge

Security Benefit needed to beef up interest in SecurePoint, a powerful service that helps brokers administer 401(k) plans.

Campaign Goals

  • Generate strong leads for Internal Sales Consultants and Regional Vice Presidents.
  • Educate financial advisors that SecurePoint can save them time by handling complex, time-consuming administrative work, freeing them to serve existing clients and cultivate new ones.

What We Did

  • Strategy: Targeted broker-dealers with financial advisors who focus on small business owners with $500,000 to $5 million in 401(k) assets. Created an unexpected and memorable direct marketing campaign to promote the product’s unique features – the ability to individually manage plans, access to third-party benchmarking and analytics to ensure a client is getting a competitive deal, and administrative task support that saves brokers time.
  • Framing: Established the campaign’s key call to action about SecurePoint: Let Security Benefit do your heavy lifting.
  • Execution: Created a six-week direct marketing campaign. Grabbed advisors’ attention by alternating the six weekly messages between creative direct mail packages and email promotions.

Campaign Results

  • Within one week: Security Benefit was contacted by an advisor working for a national broker who received the dimensional mailer and later sent a proposal for a $1.4 million contract.
  • Within three weeks: The Internal Sales Consultants received an influx of calls and reported that the campaign generated interest among new prospective clients about Security Benefit’s 401(k) offerings. They also reported that the campaign reinforced Security Benefit’s brand with their existing contacts.
  • By the end of the six-week campaign: Security Benefit’s Internal Sales Consultants in the Defined Contribution Market scheduled an average of 6 to 11 new appointments, with an estimated sales opportunity of $30 million. Given an average success rate of 10% to 20%, this campaign is expected to ultimately generate between $3 million and $6 million in sales.
  • I was very pleased with the whole team at jhP throughout my campaign. They developed uniquely creative ideas to reach advisors, and we heard great feedback from our audience. They loved the surprising direct mail pieces. Even after the campaign, jhP worked with me to analyze our results and improve our segmentation for the next campaign.

    - Christopher Mowder, Security Benefit