case study | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas – Healthy Kansas Recreation

Two brands, one audience, no problem: A win-win for a healthy Kansas

Client challenge x 2

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas wanted to reduce rising health care costs by promoting health and wellness. Meanwhile, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism was looking for cost-effective ways to boost tourism in Kansas and highlight the state’s diverse offerings.

Campaign goals

  • Create an innovative advertising campaign to benefit both well-known brands.
  • Strengthen Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas’ brand as a Kansas company by promoting the state of Kansas as a recreational destination.
  • Strengthen Kansas’ brand as a recreational destination with the credibility of testimonials from real Kansas residents.
  • Design a marketing spend to benefit both client partners.

What we did

  • Proposal: Suggested a partnership and a statewide campaign that was a win-win for both client partners, with BCBSKS providing substantial branding dollars and KDWPT providing its extensive library of travel and tourism footage.
  • Research: Analyzed the benefits of exercise, including better health and wellness, lower health care costs, increased employee productivity and lower employee absenteeism.
  • Framing: Launched the campaign Healthy Kansas Recreation campaign, emphasizing how recreation in Kansas makes people feel happier and live longer, and it strengthens families and friendships.
  • Strategy: Featured BCBSKS employee spokespeople enjoying different recreational activities in Kansas. Included the travel tag icon in all promotions to point people to the KDWPT website for more information.
  • Execution: Created nine different TV commercials and corresponding newspaper ads that ran simultaneously in the state’s top 10 daily papers, as well as magazine ads and billboards. BCBSKS also developed a website to support the campaign.

Campaign results

  • 24,531,625 TV impressions and 19,709,640 newspaper impressions over two years.
  • Increased traffic to both the Healthy Kansas Recreation page on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas website and to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s website.
  • 3,212 page views and 2,796 visits to the Healthy Vacations webpage in the campaign’s first year.
  • Longer visits to the website – an average of nearly four minutes and five pages per visit.
  • Our partnership with jhP spans more than 10 years and it’s always exciting to see the level of creativity and fresh ideas they bring to our company. Our partnership with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism was a win-win for both accounts.

    - Susan Rowell, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas