jhP’s 2016 ADDY Haul – By the Dozen x 2

jhP's 2016 ADDY award winning workThis weekend, the jhP team stepped out at the stylin’ 2016 ADDY Awards, which sported rather fitting Mad Men-themed décor, fashion and hijinks.

We were impressed by the creative work of our peers from across the region and overjoyed to walk away with 24 ADDY awards – 5 Gold ADDYs and 19 Silver ADDYs – honoring a diverse body of work we produced in partnership with our clients. This year’s ADDYs honored our work in branding and design, still photography and video, audio soundtrack, web design, digital strategy and 3D installation. Continue Reading …

Hispanic Marketing Part 2: Don’t talk to strangers

Hispanic Marketing: Don't Talk to Strangers

In our last blog on Hispanic marketing, we analyzed common (and embarrassing) ways companies alienate the Hispanic market when they’re actually trying to win their business.

They all reflected a common theme: understanding what conveys respect to the audience. Didn’t Aretha Franklin say it the best? R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Find out what it means to me. Meaningfully engaging anybody requires knowing what constitutes respect to that person. Marketers need more than a superficial understanding of the Hispanic market to know exactly who they’re talking to. Because successful messaging is never talking to strangers. Continue Reading …

Click away, you say? Dig the jhP 2015 Interactive Holiday Video!

How do we wish you a happy, happy holiday? With jhP’s interactive holiday video! Something new just for you. And we don’t just want to talk to you – we want to hear from you, too. So click away, and when we prompt you, make your choices to get into the jhP holiday spirit.

To get the most out of this video, we highly (oh, so highly) recommend you behold it on a big screen to attain maximum enjoyment conditions. That said …

Using an iPhone or iPad? Then 1. Download the free Interlude app here, and 2. Return here to enjoy, enjoy! 

Hispanic Marketing Part 1: More than Español


It’s hardly news that the Hispanic market – in all categories – is lucrative and growing in population, education and buying power. The 52 million Hispanics in the U.S. are projected to spend $1.5 trillion this year. That’s why companies of all sizes are trying to win them as customers – it’s smart business.

But in 2015, Hispanic marketing still too often misfires when companies aren’t fluent in the Hispanic customer mindset. In fact, sometimes Hispanic marketing is downright bad. Some of the common offenders: Continue Reading …

The holy grail of marketing: jhP tracks true ROI

jhP Tracks True ROI

Once a marketing campaign is done, all promotions have run and the bills are paid, what do clients always want to know? What’s the return on investment?

Ah, the ROI question. It can be a conundrum, can’t it? Answering it has always been a challenge requiring strategic measurement to arrive at an educated estimate. And still it’s inexact because the real goal is to prove an ad is directly connected to an outcome. Which has made pinning down exact ROI challenging.

Until now. That’s what jhP learned, thanks to new tracking technology provided by Arrivalist, a leading location-change attribution company. Continue Reading …

Late to Twitter? A Primer on Jumping in NOW

Late to Twitter

Are you a late adopter of Twitter? Since Google announced plans to resume indexing Tweets in real-time searches, lots of people who have barely used (or never used) Twitter are rethinking it. Surfacing in Google searches gives thought leaders more visibility – which makes Twitter even more powerful for building professional relevance.

But figuring out how to think about Twitter can be overwhelming. There are tons of technical tips out there, but what should your goals be? Here’s a quick primer to help shape your thinking.

Continue Reading …

jhRetirement: Things we’ll miss about Leslie Palace

A jhP Retirement – We Love You Leslie

Today is the end of an era, folks. After 11 years at jhP, it’s Leslie Palace’s last day before she retires to garden, travel and send us postcards that make us a smidge (or more) jealous of her über-lucky travel companion. And so today, we hereby officially bestow the lovely Miss Leslie with jhPeep Emeritus Status, with all the rights and privileges that entails. Namely, appearances at future Beer:30s and other jhParties.

What will the jhPeeps miss about Leslie? So many things, including:

Continue Reading …

Google Analytics: Data Unleashed

Google Analytics Data Unleased

For many marketers, the initial foray into Google Analytics was having the IT department tag the company’s website with it. But if you stopped at this first step, you’re missing out on a huge amount of actionable data. Your IT department can tell you things like your page views per month, the most popular pages, the most common searches and the percentage of web traffic from mobile devices. But you’re probably still using only the basics of this amazing marketing tool.

If you want to use Google Analytics to help shape your strategy, you need to know what’s possible. So here’s a quick primer. Google Analytics can help you …

Continue Reading …

Wild Applause and Champagne, Too: TJ’s Now a Shareholder!


The Power of Partnership. At jones huyett Partners, this isn’t just a tagline. It’s who we are. For our clients, it’s the difference between hiring a vendor and having a partner who directly supports their strategy, brand and future. That’s probably why, in a world where client-agency relationships average less than three years, we still have our very first client from 27 years ago. Continue Reading …

jhP Strikes Creative Silver and Gold


We’re still smiling from the fun at Saturday night’s ADDY Awards. The jhP crew showed up to high-five our buds from across the industry, tell funny stories and celebrate a great year in creativity. We were blown away by the end of the night when jhP walked away with 34 ADDYs for our work for nine different clients – 20 Silver ADDYs, 13 Gold ADDYs and – most exciting – the Best of Show ADDY for our campaign for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

And so today, we send out this big ol’ THANK YOU to our many exacting and encouraging and inspiring client partners. (Yes, you are all three.) THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! From initial strategy, to concept to final execution, our partnerships with you breathe life into the creative energy that wins these awards. We’re honored to work together with you every step of the way.

So, without further ado, we present the jhP ADDY award list. Please join us in taking a bow, client partners! Drumroll, please … Continue Reading …