• jhP has been an integral part of our advertising and communications team for many years. They have helped us introduce a number of new products in a challenging business environment – with dramatic results.

    – Ren Newcomer, Penwell-Gabel
  • Working with jhP has allowed us to dramatically upgrade the materials we use to connect with our alumni.

    – Gordon McQuere, dean of Washburn College of Arts & Sciences
  • jhP is a valuable partner. Their staff is diligent, creative and market savvy.

    – Anita Fry, Stormont-Vail HealthCare
  • jhP is an integral teammate in the marketing for all Delta Designs Ltd. museum products. Our success over the past 20 years would not have occurred if we had not formed this valuable relationship during the infancy of our company.

    – Bruce Danielson, Delta Designs Ltd.
  • jones huyett Partners sets themselves apart from other agencies by forming a strategic partnership with their vendors and proactively working throughout the process to better the campaigns under their management.

    – Addy Coleman, Madden Media

jhP power branding

Power branding. It’s jhP’s systematic, deliberative process for creating and managing brands. We help clients align business goals and objectives with their brand’s full potential. A consistent and authentic brand emerges. Then customers engage with it. And clients use these new connections to build the kinds of relationships that turn customers into brand champions.

phase 1



phase 2



phase 3



phase 1

Build a solid understanding of you

Your brand. Your industry. Your potential customers. Your current customers. We want to know it all. We research every facet of your industry and immerse ourselves in the experience of your brand. We learn your past and present and study your goals for the future. We investigate until we discover how to position you as a leader in your industry.

phase 2

Develop your brand and business objectives

Our team sets creativity and strategy in motion. We build personas of your target market to better understand them, their interests, and how to engage them. We develop solutions that solve your marketing challenges. We help you build the brand you need to meet your business objectives – whether it’s crafting messages, designing your brand’s look and feel, shooting video, building your website or strategizing your media placements.

phase 3

Position your brand and manage it consistently

Our carefully assembled team learns your goals and focuses on keeping your brand on the right path. We build an ongoing partnership with you based on a shared vision and smart, strategic goals. We evaluate efforts and track progress to ensure success of the marketing strategy. All the while, we’re helping you engage customers in relationships that last in an ever-changing world.