• The partnership that we have with jhP is very powerful. The powerful part is that they have developed a chemistry with our practice that exemplifies what it means to have a true collaborative partnership!

    – Shawn Menke, Director of Marketing, Genstler Eye Center
  • I’ve been around jhP for the last 25 years or so, and they do great work; a lot of award winning, great work that is well deserved. The agency is almost like family to me. They are all great people.

    – Garry Cushinberry, Vice President of Marketing, CoreFirst Bank & Trust
  • I like jhP’s work, like their team approach, like the number of young people on staff, and I love how they seem to really believe in this state that they’ve helped promote for years.

    – Marci Penner, Executive Director, Kansas Sampler Foundation
  • One of my favorite things about working with jhP is knowing that they are not satisfied with mediocre results, and I can rest assured that our digital campaigns are being tracked, and adjustments are being made to deliver the results we expect.

    – Andrea Johnson, eXplore Lawrence
  • In short, jhP was an early adopter and helped to actually build the Arrivalist product that measures the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns.

    – Joe Zitz, Arrivalist